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I have to say, I am one of those people that love New Year’s.  I love the feeling of hope; the feeling of starting over; the idea of turning over a new leaf.  Every year, I come up with some ideas on what I want to change in the coming year and turn those into my resolutions.  I know, this is nothing different then all of those others out there making resolutions but sometimes I feel like putting your resolutions down on paper (or in a blog posts) really adds to accountability so here it goes….

Oh, first, I tried to look back through the broken pieces of 2014 that are documented on blogs to determine what my 2014 resolutions were and offer up an idea of how well I did but, what do you know?  I didn’t even write them down.  Guess it is hard to say how I did but definitely is a nod towards writing them down!

1.) Work on healthy habits.  I have decided this is the time that I need to get some of my things together and focus on being a healthier person.  Sure, I exercise regularly and try to eat healthy but sometimes I feel like I need to do more.

I work in an office and spend a lot of time sitting on my duff and I know evening workouts alone can undo all of that sitting.  I need to be more aware and accountable for being active throughout the day, not just a few hours an evening.

I also want to work on having a happier head space.  I want to be present this year and not just survive the days.  I think part of that means, taking a little bit of time each day to focus on myself….what went well in my day, what did not go well and who knows, maybe even write those things down.

In terms of diet, I want to work on a lifestyle makeover where I’m not constantly concerned with what I am eating verses what I should be eating.  I don’t want to worry about foods being “bad” and “good”.  I want to work on seeing food for just what it is….fuel for my body.  I am going to start with a little Intuitive Eating research and will go from there.

2.) Run a marathon.  I have done several half marathons but feel like I should give the full Monty a shot.  What is another 13.1 miles anyway?  I have already started some training and my long runs have been great…well considering I have been chained to the treadmill for them.  I am using a Hal Higdon plan and will probably make mention of this about 5,324 more times between now and the actual race…which has yet to be determined.

3.) Save, save, save (as in, money, money, money).  Who doesn’t want some extra cash-ola saved away in their piggy bank?  DH (Darling Husband, how original but honestly, he has always been listed in my phone as Darling…then Darling Fiance….and now Darling Husband so why not here too) and I are always talking about the things we should do with the house.  I figure if I am packing money to the savings account each month, it will be that much easier to pull the trigger and go for it.  I have already started having them just put the money right in savings as I get paid…golly I feel responsible.

4.) Start on another degree.  I am about 98% sure on this right now.  I always regretted not getting my accounting degree.  I thought about adding it to the list while I was at school but I was about 3 years deep and ready to claw my way out so I opted not to go there.  Still, I love numbers and, oddly, love financial reports and even kind of like taxes.  Sure I have a job…well…a career already but I don’t feel like a person could ever go wrong by knowing more about accounting.

So there you have it….a steep stack of resolutions for 2015.

How about you…what are you resolutions?  Did you succeed at your 2014 resolutions?