Oh blog world, here I am for my epic return. Not going to lie, this is probably my third “epic” return to blogging. How do I even get here?

Why am I back? As 2014 drew to a close, blogger after blogger after blogger was recalling his/her year and I realized, what a great way to have you own little constant history of life. Sure, my life isn’t always glamorous or exciting but I do think that blogging is a great way to look back and just see how far you have come. For 2015, I want that so badly. I want to have a little space where I can look back and laugh, smile, maybe even frown over the previous year. Hopefully this little post will hold me to it.

Why did I leave? For some crazy reason, at some point in time, I think I actually cared if people read my blog. I wanted to put thoughts out there that someone else found provoking, that maybe caused someone else to stop and think. Some ideas I put out there for feedback to hear someone else’s thoughts, to have some interaction. It made blogging much more difficult as I didn’t want to write boring things or things people didn’t want to hear. It became me competing with myself to gain people’s interest.

Earlier this week, I was frantically making my old blogs (yes folks, I have tried my hand at this a couple of times) private before sending an email to someone who I thought might somehow uncover my blogger identity (anyone else afraid for the real world to find your blog?) and I started reading my 125 some odd posts and I realize I do like this…I do enjoy this. I need to have a place to put my thoughts regardless of having a readership or not.

So here we go, my re-entry into the blogging world. Here’s hoping you’ll follow along.