Obviously, I have been out of the game for a bit.  Life has been hectic and chaotic, just as I assume everyone’s life once spring comes around.  So what has been happening in the Real Life?  How about the quick and dirty of the last few weeks…

  • The Hubs and I (still need a perfect nickname for him…thoughts?) spent about upteen hours in a tractor cab.  Our hours included bird watching (creepy), jelly bean eating, movie plot fabricating, and John Grisham reading.  Yes, for reals, I read out loud to my husband while we are on the tractor.  John Grisham no less…johngrishamtractor
  • We have been busy little bees in our yards and flower/garden beds.  Fertilizing needed to be done, raking, trimming, mowing, cleaning, clearing, and water all needed to be done as well.  Now we have a happy yard again.
  • Grilling and smoking.  Once the calendar reads “Spring” we find our way outside to cook dinner rather than slaving away in the kitchen.  Our favorites so far have included sirloin steaks, smoked seasoned potatoes, and smoked jalapeno poppers.  I mean, my goodness…yummy!
  • Cocktailing on the porch.  We love us a good porch sitting session and nothing can make it any better than a cocktail in hand.  We recently left the well known territory of Red’s Apply Ale and Bud Light and concocted Mint Juleps (for the Kentucky Derby that we didn’t get to watch) and, what I called, Fruit Salad and Vodka (muddled strawberries and blackberries with vodka and club soda).


    Axle LOVES porch time!

  • Planning the next house project.  We have about 5 ideas rolling around in our heads right now but have not yet decided which we will actually tackle next.  We have done plenty of our own “drawings” and are constantly discussing what should be done next.
  • Working.  In just about all facets of agriculture, spring is a crazy busy time.  We have both been fully focused and run, run, running around to keep up with everything at work during the spring season.  Can’t wait until the corn is all in the ground so that we can catch our breath!

Even though I have been out of the game for a little while, nothing too note worthy has been happening, just the usual ol’ busy!  Regardless, I find myself so incredibly happy and in love with the spring time year after year.

What is your favorite season?