I heard this somewhere recently and thought it was something perfect to share and maybe (gasp) even reflect on…

“Love is more than an emotion…”

It’s true…love is really more than emotion.  Although, when you are speaking of your affinity for coconut cream pie, it should probably remain only an emotion.

But really, it is more than that.  For me, love is a choice and a decision by which my actions are guided.  The ooohhh and awwww of a romantic relationship, most definitely, without a doubt, an emotion but love, well it is so much deeper.

These are things I need to remember this time of year.  My husband is busy, I am busy, the days are long, but our evenings together are quite short.  He is working and farming.  I am working and doing yard work and trying to help him in whatever ways I can.  Beyond that, I am tired.  Running has ramped up which leaves me short on sleep and a little sore.

Our patience run short right now.  Even the little things may drive us crazy.  Our hours together are short and sometimes, it makes it harder to build on a connection.

These are the times when love is more than an emotion.  These are the times we must chose to show our love towards each other through patience, though forgiveness, through helping each other throw together a late night dinner, through kindness, and sweet words.

I know these times will pass, things will settle down, we will have more time together and those times will feel so much better knowing that we chose to love each other through the crazy times.

Do you and your significant other have times of the year where you struggle more?  How do you get through those times?