Excuse me while my brain works in overdrive: random today…

Inevitable Truths exist in our life.  I am just starting to realize that and tracks those inevitable truths in an effort to always be prepared….

A few Inevitable Truths that I have gathered lately:

  • If you clean it, they will come.  Who is they?  The gremlins (or your husband and dog) that come into a perfectly clean house and throw it a tailspin of dirty in a matter of minutes.
  • If you clean it, they won’t come.  Who is they?  Anyone you would actually want to see your clean house.  Mother in laws, mothers, great aunts, nosey neighbors.  They will NEVER show up when your house is clean.  The second you are knee deep in a dirty disaster…ding dong…
  • Go ahead, make a list, but what’s the point?  Going to the grocery store with or without a list, it doesn’t matter.  You will still come home missing some curious thing and will have spent at least an hour mazing your way through the store, going aisle to aisle then back tracking 5 or so aisles.
  • If you shampoo the carpet, the dog will puke on clean carpet a short time later.
  • Plan for 15 and 5 will show up.
  • Plan for 3 and 22 will show up.
  • Kraft macaroni and cheese is only good when you don’t yet have all of your adult teeth.  I can’t break it down to a more exact time than that.  Somehow I always crave it and think, “gah, that sounds great!”  Buy it (because I actually remembered that at the store), make it, regret it.  What am I doing wrong here people?!
  • Spend $2.00 on that Sunday paper, spend 2 hours clipping all those coupons, still spend the $2.00 extra dollars when you are at the grocery store because you are never going to remember to bring those darn things along.
  • Plan on being late….just plan on it.
  • Tequila on a Tuesday night is always a bad idea.

What are some inevitable truths in your life?